Fingers Cross Have Something to Say

Some of the coolest idols from Thailand have a new live video and boy do they have something to say. With instrumentation from Thai band While We Were, sink your teeth into the live footage of “Su Tae Tong Mai Tai” (สู้แต่ต้องไม่ตาย, “Fight But Don’t Die”).

Naturally, they’re all gorgeous, good dancers and good singers but do you notice something different about this performance? That’s footage of recent Thai protests in the background there. If you caught our recent introduction to them via the music video for “Theory”, you’ll know that Thai groups are no stranger to talking about what’s important to them. In this case, the focus of the aforementioned protests are to do with the current Thai government who were installed after a military coup in 2014. But as for a more detailed explanation, recently we got to talk to Fingers Cross producer Kittipat Knoknark who explained things as such:

The protest in Thailand was initiated from the youth group who demanded change in Thai political situation after being under dictatorship and royal supremacy for over 7 years. The current protest situation comes with much greater obstacles and hindrances than ever before. The government has issued several policies, claiming to solve the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the number of daily cases is still increasing everyday. The Thai people were put into lockdown and lost their jobs and income without any remedial measures or compensations from the government. Furthermore, there are insufficient vaccines for Thai citizens, and the vaccines given are of low qualities. Many people cannot access the Covid-19 test and proper medical care. As there are more infections, the number of protesters declines. The government has been using more and more severe military approaches to prevent and disperse the protests. Even though some protesters were injured by the violent and abusive responses from the police, they insisted on continually fighting against the dictatorship.

In short, it’s a desperate situation. It’s something that effects everyone which is why everyone from office workers to idol groups are protesting.

“Su Tae Tong Mai Tai” also isn’t Fingers Cross’ only protest song, very recently member Bambam dropped a special gift song: Ok Pai e Sud, or with the translated title that we’re sure you’ll be able to appreciate more, “Get Out Bastard.”

It’s less of a song and more of… well, watch it and see! People that can actually speak Thai will probably appreciate it more, but if you can’t then once again here’s Kittipat Knoknark to explain things:

You can listen to Su Tae Tong Mai Tai on all good streaming services, but when it comes to learning about the situation in Thaiand that Fingers Cross want to draw attention to, this video by VICE that Mr. Knoknark sent to us is also a good start: