Find Me a Better Name Than Broken By The Scream

Last week, we finally got to connect with Aphrodite, who are notable in the first place for being cool but, of recent importance, for being the landing place for Inoue Yume, formerly of 969 (RIP). Because I will forever mourn that potential-laden project, I do check in on Twitter every now and again to see if they’re announcing the re-start that they hinted at, and to see if there’s anything cooking with the former members (like Yume).

Well … look. Broken By The Scream* basically only exists as a Twitter account right now, but that’s okay! They’re just a few days old, so go say hello. To bring it back to the 969 thing, this is where Yae landed. She seems to be pleased!

So, keeping score, in the past few weeks, we’ve had Living Dead I Dolls, Deathdoll and now this. An absolute golden age, people.

*That name is the answer to the question, “What is the future state of anybody who gets in Shidare’s way?”

5 thoughts on “Find Me a Better Name Than Broken By The Scream

  1. Anyone who gets in shidare’a way will be melted by the sheer brutality of her voice, Then the rest of the Tsurezure clan can mop up the liquified remains of said victim and use it as a paste like nutrient to sustain there yami-Kawaii with like powers.

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