Felt Like Armor Girls This Morning

You can do a lot worse than high-spirited, high-energy forest rock on a Monday when the last thing you want to do is go to work.

There are no deeper thoughts. Just use this YouTube playlist to enjoy the Mask Girls take on folk metal.

14 thoughts on “Felt Like Armor Girls This Morning

    • LoL. Armor Girls = Trippin’ in the “Shire”. Does have that LOTR vibe. Who is the person in the new song? Can’t find a translated description anywhere.

    • The collaborator is Kenichi Mikawa, a male enka singer that had several hit songs in 60’s and 70’s. Most recently reviving his career by adopting the “elder sister” style. Frequent appearances on TV talk and variety shows and a regular performer on Kohaku Uta Gassen. Good song. Welcome to the insanity that is Alice Project. LOVE IT

  1. I can’t wait to see a MV from these girls. It would have to be a rowdy night at a medieval pub of some sort! This might also be one of the strangest blends of genres in existence that works.

    • Armor Girls have been about since 2013/12/31. That’s getting up to 2.5 years… most of their songs are re-arrangements of existing Alice Project songs, or cover versions… Given both of those things, and the fact Alice Project have stopped making music videos for groups since they decided Kamen Joshi was their thing, means you might be waiting a long time for that MV…

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    • We don’t know of any other group insane enough to attempt this style, if there are any others out there, I’m sure our beloved site host would have discovered them by now. Homicidol Maniac is the master at plumbing the depths of the web in search of new discoveries. Until then, enjoy what the Armor Girls have bestowed upon us thus far. Cheers

    • That is a loaded question, fellow WordPresser. I think Jaxson’s right, actually: There might not be anybody else in idol that’s even close to this. Like, some European folk metal bands might come closest. Bluegrass? It’s so ragingly fun and unique.

      • Hey Maniac, a little inside scoop for ya.Our friendly Fed-ex man paid a visit today, bringing the Kamen Joshi SSA DVD(and my long awaited BM cd/dvd full Metrock 2015 set). All biases aside, the show was quite spectacular. The girls really showed their strength of numbers by utilizing the huge stage to fully capitalize on their elaborate choreography. It is obvious they put in a lot of extra hours and new moves specifically for such a large venue. 20 song set list, no filler, lots of smoke, lasers and huge flame towers, and of course plenty of humor. It was so nice, we watched it twice. (;_;)

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