Everything’s Coming up Malcolm Mask McLaren

This website is very pro-Malcolm Mask McLaren, so while we do try to keep a certain objectivity about this group and that and which releases are truly good and which are basically warmed-over garbage, some just kind of bring out the enthusiastic fan in us. I won’t make a list; suffice it to say that MMM, the actual focus of this post, is one of them. And when I went to check up on a video I saw they’d released on YouTube, it set off a whole string of discovery moments that make me feel just incredibly happy for them, so yeah, they get a whole-ass post to celebrate the good things afoot!

For starters, there’s a “new” Malcolm Mask McLaren album on the way in June, the scare quotes in place because you and the track list may have some familiarity, if you know what I’m saying:

Little summer tour to celebrate, too:

But maybe more importantly MMM revealed at their gig on Sunday that there are now in fact four MMMs, and they’ll perform as a unit for the first time tomorrow:

Here’s a clip from the debut:

I really, truly cannot be happier for Malcolm Mask McLaren. Their fate is completely in their own hands and they’re embracing the moment with hunger.