Everything Is Right in GANG PARADE’s Latest, Which Is Like an April Fools’ Day Prank Unto Itself

I really didn’t want to bury the lede here, though the lede in any other context would have been “dang, who the hell crossed things up and gave that BiS material to GANG PARADE” and kind of sort of a joke that way, too, but in more of a funny one as opposed to feeling more than a little bit punked by this.

What is it? A dang masterpiece, that’s what:

Look, if you’re here and a proper WACK slave and thinking to yourself, gee, how is it that Homicidols Dot Com hasn’t said a single thing about that audition mess and the immense fallout, that’s cool thanks, but also don’t you worry, circumstance intervened and there’s a lot to say about that and hopefully not by me, who is exactly the wrong person to do it, so we’ll get there when we get there.

To the point more directly at hand … GANG PARADE’s been the really interesting WACK unit for a while, going back a good while if we want to be frank about it, so it’s not that out of character for them to slip into a new representation for a minute and do something this wild and ambitious. But this is an early contender for lots of Of the Years, absolutely, and also could have easily been the flipside to BiS’s latest, and creatively very well may be.

Was it positioned to distract from certain other things? Probably. Does that change anything? Not really!

Oh, and: