Every Day Should Involve Waking up to a New Toricago MV

I’m a little bit of a Toricago fanatic, if you couldn’t tell. In fact, they’re the rare newish group to worm their way into Maniac’s Proprietary System for Following Idols for Blogging on Homicidols Dot Com. The catch is that, despite using a lot of the same reliable promotional norms of the industry, Toricago’s “announcement at 21:00!” tweets are as likely to result in new photos as they are anything else, and it gets to be a little bit of a drag after a while. Still, about once per quarter, the announced announcement is worth it.

Like when they hit you with an MV out of nowhere!

Your patience will rewarded with this one

It may surprise you to learn that this is not coming from the soon-to-release new album (at least not according to this), but is actually just from last year’s (very good) i cAn Fky. That’s kind of weird when you consider that, like, the new album’s supposed to be out in a few weeks, but who am I to judge? I’m just glad that there’s a new something to look at.

Did I keep waiting for something to happen? I did. Even at its rockin’est, Toricago’s music tends toward the nicer end of the spectrum, so the difference-makers are usually in their video and photography content, and in a less on-the-nose way than any of a number of their contemporaries. And … hell, all they did was stand in a room and sing! Sure, PINOCO was late (I guess because it was her birthday yesterday), but still.

I don’t know the occasion for filming this and releasing it now, though if the reason is “because we felt like it,” I can and will accept it. Nonetheless, my favorite debutantes of 2018 are making noise early, and may the gods protect us all if Toricago can unlock a few more levels of their huge potential in the coming months.