Endurance Pays off in the New BILLIE IDLE MV

I hate to over-use the phrase “damning with faint praise,” but you guys aren’t, like, following me around at Day Job and nor are you reading my project notes and the like, right? So you’re unfamiliar with my tendency to use it as, at this point, almost a double-backhand of light disregard and shortened respect for something. “At least it’s one of the best-looking proposals I’ve seen in a while” came out of my mouth on Monday, in fact, in the direction of a very-pretty-but-hilariously-over-budget-and-clearly-boilerplate-and-typo-riddled response to an RFP that will get no response in turn because it was, in fact, a bad proposal. So it goes.

And so, in a way, it goes with the new one from BILLIE IDLE, which … well, get the tale after the jump, and in the meantime maybe just give yourself a few minutes to recapitulate your BILLIE IDLE experience to date, and also pay attention to the details, because those are what sell the whole thing and make this trip worthwhile:

Stay til the end!

I’ll admit it, I went through two full minutes of scrambled lurching around for clarity on everything that I thought I knew about BILLIE IDLE. Yes, this was my Mandela Effect moment — I was certain that I’d seen video for this, that this therefore was from a televised appearance that had been edited a little too well, and that a frantic search all over YouTube for the original of said video that I could mentally verify was all I needed to re-confirm. I’m an idiot, in other words; this was one that we saw, but not heard.

I’m going to go ahead and be honest when I say that I share this purely because of who it is. It didn’t do it for me before, it doesn’t do it for me now, I struggle to understand what the point is, even the MV is purely there in the way that vintage VH1 would play extended clips for Mariah Carey and Celine Dion that had all the energy of wet socks but matched the tone of the music so well that you just took it for what it was.

The joke at the end is pretty good, though! I’m very okay with Aina as Non-chan. Uika digs it.

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