Ends and Beginnings and … Marathons for GANG PARADE

GANG PARADE, whose various epithets I am now officially retiring because it makes sense to until they go through another few months like the last few, held their tour finale tonight to celebrate the release of Barely Last and officially step forward as the new GANG PARADE that now has seven members, three of whom were part of this thing and one of whom is new and only three of which are from the original group that was called POP but was a continuation of Pla2me.

Okay, retiring after this post. I can’t help myself sometimes.

It looks nice!

Garry was there and will undoubtedly run a full report from his epic time in Tokyo, but I’m going to crib from this portion of his future post and tell you that he said the show was good! These are the insights that keep you coming back, folks!

You’ll note, though, that new members and a new era for GANG PARADE mean a new look for GANG PARADE, too, as is typical for WACK groups:

As is Watanabe inserting himself because Watanabe

Hm. Muted colors, sort of earthy, even militant … and those IDOL is DEAD-era tattoo sleeves … oh no.


GANG PARADE’S DOIN’ THE MARATHON THING, BABY! Next month, like roughly on the anniversary of Saki’s having done it to stay in the group in the first place. Except now it’s Saki against the entire rest of the group running as a relay.

That’s … okay. More details are being promised, things like it’s described as 200km, but Atami and Tokyo only check out as being 100km apart, so it’s either because both teams are doing 100km or because it’s a there-and-back endeavor. And the rationale; I’m sure the reasoning behind this isn’t stupid or manipulative at all!

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  1. WOW, you wouldn’t have guessed from the photo that Maika’s only wearing half a pants. Anything’s a step up from the garbage bags, though.
    The new look and their choice of a song to re-do is reassuring, but of course we’ll have to take this one day by day 😛

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