End of an Era of TERROR: Most of KAQRIYO Out

I know we have been more of a blog (our true self, really!) and less of a news site in 2022. It was a weird year and timeliness regarding idol news just couldn’t be  a priority, unfortunately.

However, it is with a heavy heart that I figure I should use the event mentioned in the title as sort of wrap-up of the notable things that have happened in the last few months with Codomomental. Grab your tissues and let’s get to it.

Two days ago, fairly late at night, Codomomental announced that KAQRIYOTERROR in its current form would hold one last tour, and end activities on April 23, 2023, at GARRET udagawa. I think this venue has been quite significant in Kaqriyo history as it is the one they used for their regular performances years ago, and thus was a recurring meet spot for this group of fans and their idols. They also held many other concerts there.

On April 23rd, Noa Rondo, Arlya (also formerly known as Seisei from her Migma Shelter days) and Nonamera will graduate from KAQRIYOTERROR. Sumomo, who has been on hiatus since march, is out of the group effective immediately.

Nothing has been said about Nonamera’s solo career with Codomomental in this announcement. Nonamera in Kaqriyo writes her name in hiragana while she writes it in roman alphabet for her solo career. I do not think there is matter to be worried about the discontinuation of her stellar solo career *yet*.

It really is a shame that the current Kaqriyo formula didn’t connect with new fans. I am keeping my more incendiary opinions on their current costumes for myself and private conversation. What I will say is that I was rejoiced when Codomomental started booking their groups at taiban (multi-group events) with other companies again. It was a breath of fresh air and allowed me to discover many new groups. Allegedly, anecdotally, apparently, it also allowed many other Kaqriyo fans to discover new groups, as most groups offer a free cheki for your first time interacting with the group. Kaqriyo did not. Their unique offering musically wasn’t always tailored to the general mood of the event. Nary a Irohani Collage or Reverse Cross to be found on the set list for events with groups that oozed cute or melancholy through all their pores. Instead, the few kaqriyo fans and the rest of the public would be struck with Arya’s powerful screams, Nonamera’s sexy and chaotic performance, Komariyuu’s all around devilish idolness and Noa Rondo’s coolness. If the stark difference in mood wasn’t enough to off put someone, they didn’t have the incentive to get to meet the members, which would surely have hooked them. Some people would say, again, ALLEGEDLY, that some of these events tallied Kaqriyo fans in the single digits, which is not quite financially viable in the long run.

The girls have been doing their absolute best. If you were considering a trip to Japan to come and see them, now is the time, I suppose!

Now that these allegations are done with, we have more endings to address.

Yesterday evening, Codomomental’s phenomenal collaboration project Akugi held their last one man live at Daikanyama Unit, titled Beginning of the End (a not-at-all gut wrenching title). Their very last performance will be held at the Codomomental overnight new year live tomorrow. Incidentally, it is at the very same venue where they debuted.

In case their current tour name didn’t tip you, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da is also ending their activities. In March of this year, they will perform at the legendary venue Budokan and will subsequently enter an indefinite hiatus.

Lastly, the company president, Nobuhide Imamura, has stated that this end-of-the year show will be the last for him and some of his staff. Discussing this with friends who are more fluent than I am, it seems he had been saying this for some time. Since considering Akugi was a project of his, it explains the project ending as well. As he is the president of the company, some changes will surely take place.

Right after the new school year begins in 2023, the face of Codomomental will have changed. I do not know what the future holds for the company. It seems like by the beginning of May, their lineup will be Tokyo Tefutefu, the new Seireki13ya, headed by Komochi and a new project by Mauru called Saint 404 (Saint Error). The latter is currently auditioning for members.

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  1. Wow. I’m totally out of the loop with the world of alt idol these days and this is not the news I was hoping to return to. Definitely the end of an era.

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