EMPiRE Really Might Happen

Context for the title of the post! I had this weird feeling that EMPiRE’s major debut album release, teased a couple of days ago, was going to settle the follow-or-not question. Yes, even after that thing with the giant sentient butt, I was skeptical that EMPiRE would come out the other end of the chute as genuinely interesting. I was all geared up for it: They’re going to try to make EMPiRE happen no matter what, aren’t they?

And then the album trailer!

It’s not groundbreaking stuff, but it is good stuff, interesting stuff, sort of re-applying the long, frustrating lessons of Pla2OPARADE until things landed about where they are now, which is to say very good and very interesting. The actual outcome is going to be pretty okay and pretty worth it.

Beginning Sunday, you’ll be able to download the thing for all of 300 yen. It does require you dealing with iDevice, but it’s not the end of the world.