ELECTRIC HEARTS and scramble scratch Really Really Really Hate Corona…

It’s been a while a since we last checked in on SHINDENTSU PRODUCTION, home agency of ELECTRIC HEARTS, the idols who broke onto the scene with paper bags on their heads and punk-pop songs in their hearts, and the now defunct scribble scritch, who might be gone, but left the world one very perfect pop nugget.

And as things quickly change in the scene, so it goes for the groups under this banner: Members have changed, groups have been reborn, and the Corona virus has pretty much left the idol industry struggling to maintain vital connections with their fanbase. With that in mind, SHINDENTSU has gifted us with a couple of videos to remind us that they’re still around, still care about their fans, and have every intention of coming out of this thing without missing a beat.

First up, here’s the current incarnation (Two new members!) of ELECTRIC HEARTS with the “FUCKIN’ CORONA” version of their song “SKULL BOWES”

It’s nice little summertime punk kind of tune! The “Rock n’ Roll Radio” drum blast near the end is a nice touch! I’m also a big fan of the home movie filming aesthetic, so it’s an all around win for me. The paper bags make an endearing cameo as well. Plus you get a little good will message from the members at the end.  Fun fun stuff!

And scribble scritch may be no more, but it was a gateway for scramble scratch to enter our lives! Here they offer us “PARANOID A ERADICATE CORONA version”, a breezy ska number that’s got a good positive vibe to it…

The MV is essentially the same style, which is kind of nice cause it draws a bridge between the two groups under the same agency, and it serves the same purpose of hoping to make you feel a little better in present locked down surroundings.

It’s worth pointing out scramble scratch also includes the two members of SHINDENTSU PRODUCTION’s third project, HANAMUKE. These two haven’t released anything new yet, but here’s an MV from very late last year that we never covered on the blog, but it’s most certainly a nice tune… (I think it’s their strongest song yet!)

I don’t know about you peeps, but these put a nice little smile on my face, and made me feel good knowing that chika idol isn’t going to go away just because of this adversity that we’ve been experiencing. At some point, we’ll get through this and things will get back to being more purely fun again. I hope we’ll see you on the other side of the tunnel!