EIMIE Is a Palindrome

I want to share something with you guys. An accidental trip-over-it-and-remember-that-it-exists kind of thing, if you will. And you know, we haven’t shared a whole lot of previously un-posted-about idols this year for a number of reasons, so why not get a few out there before the year is effectively over?

So meet EIMIE (Twitter), who yes are a palindrome but are also a pretty darn solid rock project, and who dropped this energetic live-cut MV a few days ago:

Now, EIMIE isn’t exactly new — they’re actually part of banner Class of 2018 that, after the absolute goddamn bloodbath that 2019 has been, might prove to be about the only thing that can actually save idol. That’s a tall order anyway, and please don’t think that I’m being less than kind by saying that I don’t think EIMIE’s going to be the ones to do it — not because they’re lesser than anybody else per se, but check it, this is their first MV, at least as far as I can tell, and needing more than a year to put together the circumstances to bring that to life, well, that’s idol.

It’s not all there is, of course — they’ve had a pretty solid 2019 if you want to give their Spotify a spin, and while on the one hand the last thing the world needs is another color-inside-the-lines group of rock idols, at least EIMIE can reasonably claim to be about half a head taller than most, if we’re to measure “being good” in terms of height, and why not, it’s idol.

Anyway, now we’ve met EIMIE!