Dream your way into the new Cinema and Boy CQ

Cinema and Boy CQ just released their latest MV and it’s a phenomenal one.

The song is Tranquilizers no koibito (translated, as shown several times in the MV, to “The Lovers of Tranquilizers”) and the song was written by Yoko Hamasaki of Urbangarde fame.

As per the usual Cinema and Boy CQ fair, the MV is somewhat of a film about a film, in that we see our duo explore what would be the film this song is from. Drawing from the elusive on-screen text, the story seems to be about lovers destined to be meeting, albeit with a different tone and results every time, going from a tragedy to a comedy. The camera trails our duo going through the different moods evidenced by the changes in the environment colours, from a scarlet red to a pink to a dark green, all through the same elegant ornamented set that has nothing to envy to a Wes Anderson movie.

Have some screenshots in case you cannot yet enjoy the MV in its full glory:


The song immediately secured a place as one of my favourite of theirs and I am known to be allergic to ballads. It’s that enthralling. I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I did!