Downerprism doesn’t let us down

Here’s this week’s dose of wholesome.

Some of you who pay attention to our weekenders might recognize this pair from the few times that Kitto Dareka no Himitsu Heiki (also known as “Someone’s Secret Weapon” and just “Kitokano”) got brought up last year. A group with a lot of potential, they dropped some actually very impressive digital singles in 2022 only to tragically dissolve at the end of the year (and then temporarily reformed once or twice in 2023, confusing myself and Papermaiden, the other Kitokano fan in the Homicidols team). 

Thankfully, exactly one half of the group, Ayanaru and Futatabi Ao, said “screw the disbandment” and decided to do their own thing with the help of some of Kitokano’s ex-contributors, so I guess alls well that ends well!

Their debut single, “Mahou Shoujo Sengen” is a gentle and endearing ride into the longing for escapism against a mundane adulthood (or at least, that’s what I gathered when I used DeepL on the lyrics. For all I know, it could actually be about buying car insurance). The adorable music video matches well with this concept, and sort of give slice-of-life anime vibes. All in all, their downerprism is, ironically given their name, good vibes all the way through. 

While the YouTube description for Mahou Shoujo Sengen claims the single was released a few days ago, it hasn’t yet made its way onto streaming services, or any CD purchase that we’re aware of yet, so, for now, you’ll have to either enjoy the music video as is, or check out one of the aforementioned digital singles by their predecessors:

(Sirius in particular, was written by Asase, who also composed Mahou Shoujo Sengen)

Here’s hoping to see more of these magical girls in the coming year!