Dots. Live. Yes.

I didn’t deliberately set up that thing in the Weekender where Dots has X number of songs because I knew that this would happen — the Weekender gets compiled over the course of the week, as you’d imagine, and I wasn’t even thinking about that point anymore — but MY DUDES LOOK IT’S DOTS AND A WHOLE AND PRETTY LONG SET!

There’s lots of artsy stuff for the first 5:45 or so; skip ahead if you only want idoling; there are also dead spots in the audio, because of course

I like to imagine that the automated spotlight in the immediate foreground is in fact a very excited dancing robot.


  • The number of Dots on stage at any given point is uncertain; as Rick Sanchez would point out, that makes the existence of Dots completely hypothetical
  • Yanakoto Sotto Mute gets all the credit for being super artsy-fartsy, and they are, but they’re more akin to a thesis project in performance; Dots is more like your local arts collective’s seasonal project that you’re only supposed to enjoy after having some of the “herbal” tea
  • That one MC moment may be the first time that I’ve seen all nine Dots together at once
  • Do the Dots have a leader? Merch? Can you buy one of those neat little visors? How about your own mismatched white dress?

Nonetheless, let the record show that I love this bizarre little project so much. I want to buy them all ice cream or something.

9 thoughts on “Dots. Live. Yes.

  1. A whole set? Well kind of but here is that “set”list in full.
    1. Satellite
    -chit chat-
    2. (song with audio censored)
    -more chit chat-
    3. (another song with audio censored)
    4. Satellite (again!)
    5. (yet another song with audio censored)

    If Watanabe needs more trolling ideas he should hire the Dots’ manager.

    • What are you talking about? I have 45 minutes of uninterrupted music, including six songs that I’ve never heard before, and an MC segment that includes the line “I love” THEN they do Satellite.

      You okay, bro?

  2. I’ve just realised I sat through all of that while eating an ice cream, doubtless subliminally inspired by your last paragraph.

  3. The audio is gone for me on some songs of this performance. Why is that? 🙁

    Really into Dots. Wish they could incorporate the noise and more artsy into their songs as well and not just as separate performance.

    The frequently also post short kinda vlogs with the girls and they always wear those glasses 🙂

    Dots are almost like when you are really tired, your vision gets blurry and you starts to see dots.

    Noticed my post now always say they are awaiting moderation. It wasn’t like this before. Has something changed?

  4. In the YouTube comments, somebody mentioned that the silenced parts appear to have been cover songs, so I’m guessing it was really done to simply avoid legal issues. However, I prefer a deeper, more esoteric explanation along the lines of “It’s art, you philistine!” 😀

    Also, we now have a DOTS merch sighting! It’s a t-shirt!

    A t-shirt of…………a bunch of DOTS!!!!!

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