Dots Appropriately Provides a Religious Experience for Holy Saturday

It figures that almost immediately after hitting Schedule on that post about the lazy weekend and the video teasers, a real-deal MV was delivered unto the world by Dots. Dots! The exciting little shoegazer+ project with the enigmatic look and bizarre/incredible performance style and Maniac’s heart with a little bow around it. Those Dots!

The song is “Satellite,” but the choreography is apparently a chimera. As Brian put it, “We appear to finally have a genuine, bonafide, non-abstract and reasonably professional-but-not-too-professional DOTS PV!” Anyway, enjoy it because you deserve nice things:

That lead guitar gives me hope

There are a ton of notes around the music and video production on the video itself; I won’t do the obvious botch job because you, too, can use a machine translation if you don’t have Japanese. But I really recommend that you check it out, because like how the song sounds like a journey being taken and triumphs being had, there’s real artistic design behind how the whole production was put together.

Again, these idol art projects are some of the coolest thing happening in popular media. I don’t know if Dots will be as catapulted to prominence as they deserve to be, or if they’re a precursor or influencer or what, but they’re literally one of my favorite things and almost worth a trip to Japan themselves.

5 thoughts on “Dots Appropriately Provides a Religious Experience for Holy Saturday

  1. I could see them going down a storm at some of the more “artsy” European music festivals. Driving rhythms combined with dancing and back projection. Who wouldn’t be bowled over at 11:00 on a Saturday evening in a large tent in a field, having spent the day drinking. I know I would be.

  2. DOTS is such a miracle. I definitely need to see them live (parallel to an eventual research trip?)

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