Don’t Watch the New Hoshina Fumimi Video If You’re Dieting

If you’re currently hungry, or currently trying not to impulse-eat, or have a weird thing about other people eating, or if you’re Pour Lui, definitely do not take the next several minutes to watch Hoshina Fumimi stuff her face from a very close angle; if that’s the case, hit play here and then switch to another window and just listen.

However, if you have no such limits, you may suddenly find yourself with a hankering for donuts:

TY Pukovnik Krv!

I say again: There is no such thing as not enough money to film an MV; you just need to be a little bit creative.

Oh, the song. Yes. I liked it! I’m actually disappointed that I missed the release of this last week, as these songs always put me in a good mood. I’d be shocked to learn that Daichi didn’t write it — it could easily have been done by Guso Drop in particular, or 2& on a particular kind of day. This is what it looks like live:

Among other things!

Nice work, though, Fumimi. You’re fun. Have fun at your birthday live!