Don’t Laugh; Kolokol Is the Soundtrack of the End of the World

I must be in some kind of mood this morning, gang. Maybe it’s latent guilt over being almost two weeks late to this particular party; maybe it’s because absolutely nothing is going right or well in my country and it’s all so theater of the absurd that I desperately wish I could go back in time and tell 18-year-old me just how profoundly stupid I am to believe in anything and to start revving up those cynicism burners now so as to avoid both complicity and heartache down the line. “Maybe you’ll be a fancy idol blogger one day, kid,” I’ll tell myself, who will then reply, “What’s a blogger?”

Anyway, Kolokol, who remain one of my all-time favorite idol projects that never quite sticks the landing, the little sisters of PassCode who I suppose are meant to be slightly more accessible than defunct sister unit NEVE SLIDE DOWN but still just “rock” enough to keep this particular thread of wota interested, have a new single out in what is now a few weeks as opposed to a month, and this is it:

The song is fun; the lyrics are better

You are no doubt, thanks to the context clues at the very beginning of this post, expecting a great deal of snark and/or feigned support for this. And I tell you, friend, that I would not dream of such a thing. I love every bit of this. It’s why I love idol; it’s so earnest and genuine right down to how badly it wants me to believe that it’s so earnest and genuine. Called “Dead End”, it could have been about any of several hundreds of things, and the creative choice was made to select the single most idol approach to that possible.

Somebody buy me this CD so I can play it in my car every day as the world burns down around me.

Incidentally, that appears to be the very mood of the piece!