Does This Nightmare Count as a New Dots MV?

Dots. We may be a little bit closer to figuring out what it all means, and maybe it’s just a little bit of hope mixed with a big bit of mescaline that got there, but no matter how much you think you get it, the point is that Dots is / may be an art project, and as such would ultimately be up to the beholder, anyway.

So with that in mind, what does this sonic terror have to do with the visual, anyway?

The title is probably helpful: “Noised Memory.” So it’s like a home movie, cherished memories of youth captured on old celluloid for playback on the family’s ancient projector (to be converted to DVD for a pretty price several years later!). And the movie’s soundtrack is shrieking distortion, which, in an existentialist kind of way, sums up the move from childhood to adulthood in a way that no ancient cultural rite could hope to capture so succinctly.

To answer my own question, though, I don’t have an answer. It is technically an MV, but it’s also not really music per se, and it’s just more of the producer messing around with the daily video channel, which is basically an art project unto itself — go ahead and try to convince me that you understand half of the material that winds up on there.

Bless you, crazy people behind Dots.

One thought on “Does This Nightmare Count as a New Dots MV?

  1. Such beautiful music to my ears. I hope they release a full album of this kind of ear bleeding candy. Reminds me of times when one first time encountered Japanese noise music 🙂

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