Did You Want to See MIGMA SHELTER Live?

Of course you did! And good thing xaneg was on the case, or the original embed would’ve still not been working, and you wouldn’t have seen anything!

This of course is the new project being led by former Bellring Girls Heart (now There There Theres) member Kanra, now known as Yoneko; MIGMA SHELTER has been all appearance and event so far, not yet a live act that we could appreciate.

So about what you’d expect! Good sound overall; I’ll withhold any meaningful judgement until they’ve had a chance to put out a disk and video and I can wince while pressing play.

Another entry in the art-idol category, too, though I think that everything done by Aqbi Rec is sort of permanently emanating from the TTTs godhead (until the usurper YSM smites them down).

8 thoughts on “Did You Want to See MIGMA SHELTER Live?

  1. Ooh I’m liking this a lot. Possibly as un kawaii as idols can get. dressed as “on the skids” 90’s rappers, it’s obviously all about the performance.
    Never mind an alt idol site Maniac, I think we need an art idol site. BGH offspring could populate it on their own.

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