Did You Want to See Babymetal’s Tokyo Dome Black Night?

Can I admit to having almost forgotten that the Black Night stream was going to be on WOWOW on Jan. 1? It wasn’t even on my radar until this showed up in my Facebook feed:

Oh, did anybody record that, I asked nobody. OF COURSE somebody recorded it and immediately uploaded it. Never doubt the power of the Fox God. Or Babymetal fans with modern technology, at least:

First, go read Daemon’s dispatch from the Dome. Then you get to watch. The original Dailymotion embeds were copyright-claimed to hell, but the indispensable Xanthon shared these private recordings hosted on a private website:

You have to click the image to go to the other site; Xanthon knows how the video game is played

“Akatsuki da!” /flames How was it again that you jamokes didn’t vote for this as the Performance of the Year? Have mercy.