Did You Know That First Summer Uika Was a Movie Star?

In a manner of speaking, of course!

So the other day, I noticed a fresh post in the forums; given that most of what happens there is random Polish-language stuff, I just kind of ignored it … but then there was a reply, and things got interesting.

Go have a look at the request, for a film called Moonquake, asking where to find this piece that featured none other than former BiS and current Billie Idle and forever obsession of Homicidols.com renegade idol First Summer Uika. Char T Saki found it!

Let’s have a look.

It’s actually Kazumi of the Moonquake according to the machine translation. It’s also a lot like my old roommate’s student film!

Anyway, it’s cool that FSU did that, even if I have absolutely no idea what’s going on.

Happy Thursday!

5 thoughts on “Did You Know That First Summer Uika Was a Movie Star?

  1. It’s long been on my list of things to track down and subsequently pay to translate… This movie and a couple of bonus DVDs from 2014 BiS are on my vision board. There are videos on Youtube of pre-BiS Uika when she was a drummer, though! It’s funny to think of FSU in the *background* of anything.

  2. The movie was filmed before Uika was a BiS member (when she was member of 劇団レトルト内閣) but never released, but when BiS disbandment the director wanted to take advantage of Uika’s popularity and release it.

    Maniac, have you heard “Early Summer Passion”, the Hijokaidan’ song in which she plays the drums, in the “Hijokaidan 35th Anniversary Album”? Our goddess really makes a good job ^_^

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