Did You Guys Want to See More Babymetal from the Tokyo Dome?

This recording popped up on Reddit last night, with the uploader pulling the ol’ fake-’em-out-with-YouTube-but-it’s-actually-on-Dailymotion trick. I was on the fence about whether to make yet another callback to the Dome, but then figured that it’s been a while since we last really did anything fun with Babymetal, so heck, post the sucker.

As the video stuff indicates, this is “No Rain, No Rainbow,” a song that I loved all the way up until it wound up on Metal Resistance, whereupon I immediately fell out of love with it, but this video got me to love it all over again:

No Rain No Rainbow @ Tokyo Dome by hugo-metal

There’s still like six weeks until Fox Day and “Only the five know,” huh? I swear to dog, though, if all we’re getting out of Babymetal this year is a streaming anime series and tour dates in support of other bands, I’m going to be so cross that I probably won’t listen to one of their albums for like a whole week in retaliation!

I definitely made other people listen to “Kimi no Anime ga Mitai” just the other day