Did You Guys Know There Was another SiS Trailer?

I was very randomly poking around YouTube and thought, “Hey, I could go for another watch of the WHO KiLLED IDOL? trailer, seeing people get their dreams crushed repeatedly is pretty great when there’s still a happy ending for a few of them,” so I did a usual search for “SiS” and … well, I haven’t seen this one before.

It’s the short version? I mean, it’s not a terribly complicated story: Human manifestation raises hopes of young women, dashes hopes for most, gives some opportunity to realize the dream differently, dashes hopes again, shunts survivors into struggling project, everybody wins except for the detritus.

Anyway, if you missed it before, here’s the bigger version of the trailer and details. The film will be out in a month, and maybe it’ll make its way to YouTube eventually and we’ll be able to watch it. Kerrie and some others got the commemorative shirt, no? It’s a cool shirt.

2 thoughts on “Did You Guys Know There Was another SiS Trailer?

  1. Who’s that at 1:18? That’s what I’d ask if there weren’t dozens of other more pressing questions about SiS. (Also what’s going on at 1:05? Watanabe and Company Matsuo up to no good…)

  2. Ah~ another trailer for me to watch and immediately want to kick Watanabe in the balls~
    Can’t wait for the movie itself where I’ll want to shoot his balls from a cannon. :’)

    I’ve ordered the shirt but it still hasn’t arrived yet; I think the orders start shipping on the 13th? So 3 more days

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