Did You Guys Catch the Newest Maison Book Girl Video?

This sucker has gotten posted around a little, but it didn’t seem to generate the normal level of buzz (because Saturday?), and I only saw that it existed because I stumbled over their Twitter while looking for something else.

But “sin morning”! It definitely sounds just like every other Maison Book Girl song; you big ol’ fans will no doubt embrace it anyway, and people like me who like MBG more as a theoretical thing will look at those lyrics and nod sagely, and people who make fun of them for releasing the same song over and over again … we can all be right, you know? Such is the power of Megumon.

Maison book girl 'sin morning' from suzkikenta on Vimeo.

I shared the Vimeo version because that’s what I saw first, and also, I don’t know if I’ve ever shared a Vimeo embed here before

I think it was Garry who quipped that the whole reason that every Maison Book Girl song sounds just like every other Maison Book Girl song is that the songwriters are wringing every last drop of blood out of the sample pack they bought ahead of the debut a couple of years ago. I can dig that. It’s just, there are ways to have a signature sound that don’t require you to always do the exact same thing, you know?

Nonetheless! Maison Book Girl did the Next Music from Tokyo thing last year and seemed to have had a very good go of things, and (repetitive aside) they have a unique sound and look and performance, so not only can I see them doing more non-Japanese touring while they last, I can also see them becoming a little bit of a thing even outside of audiences like ours.

Oh and obligatory this-isn’t-hard-why-Maniac-because-I’m-in-a-mood-okay-it’s-Sunday-and-Sunday-is-when-I-like-to-do-this-stuff-okay.

3 thoughts on “Did You Guys Catch the Newest Maison Book Girl Video?

  1. Two live videos were also uploaded yesterday, and one of them features the group with a live band, which provides a fuller sound with more variety, which may move some of those on the fence to get on board…


    I also found that live footage of the group is what really sells them more so than their singles. A sort of calming hypnosis takes place within me.

    And the new album is fantastic. I feel like I finally figured out they are. (Been meaning to write about this for the last week, actually.) There’s a 10 minute instrumental track that serves as an intermission of sorts. We’ve got rock idols, punk idols, and shoegaze idols, and Maison book girl have rewarded us with post-rock idols. (And when you think about it, I’m sure there are people out there who complain that MONO songs sound the same. 😀 )

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