Did You Catch the Latest from WiLL?

It took me a minute to buy into WiLL back when they were getting a little hype a few months ago, but I did come around enough to be surprised that I’d almost forgotten that the poor things were out there, idoling away — specifically, I thought “oh, right, I didn’t see them on TIF or @JAM or anything rosters yet” — and genuinely a little stoked when Japanese Idol MV RTed this one yesterday:

WiLL’s in an interesting place, kind of an idol of the post-revolutionary generation that says “yes, I see that rock sounds and some edge can help you get an audience in idol nowadays; however, being perfectly okay with many idol norms is also a good way to get an audience,” only they aren’t falling back on cheaply aping heavy metal or hardcore for effect. It’s kind of nice, and it works,

Also, can I admit that I saw that this is an “official lyric video” and it still took me several minutes to realize that there were lyrics on the screen? I’m smart.