Did the Mask Girls Manage to Make #1 Again?

Last week, Kamen Joshi released their much(?)-anticipated single “Personia/ISUMI,” with a very clear goal of matching the success of 2015’s “Genkidane”: Reaching the weekly #1.

Here’s the short version of the MV; why it’s short, not even our friend Char T Saki understands.

Immediately upon release, though, the push for #1 began in earnest:

They made it to #1 in the daily rank, but did they make it there for the week?


They got #2 with 103,000 copies sold (TY Jul).

That’s a lot of copies

Here’s the video announcement:

Proud anyway! I would be

And here’s the extra A-side, which is being used as the official song of some city in Chiba, I think?

Anyway, good job, Kamen Joshi. You sold a butt-ton of CDs!

5 thoughts on “Did the Mask Girls Manage to Make #1 Again?

  1. They have a greatest competitor in the chart, one day after Kamen Tairiku/ISUMI released and the sales is very much. In my opinion, Kamen Joshi reachs #2 on the Oricon Weekly Ranking.

  2. MV has not been completed yet. After this, CG processing and additional shooting remain. I heard that costumes also change from Genkidane to Personia’s new costume when they arrive to Personia (Mask Continent).
    The full version will be released in the spring. A video clip is necessary if it becomes higher ranking in Oricon. For this reason, they would have released the short version.

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