Did Somebody Mention Babyraids Japan?

Actually, yes, somebody (d0fph0t0!) did mention Babyraids Japan, in the context of the Best of 2016 voting and why the hell weren’t Babyraids Japan included? And the basic reason is that they weren’t nominated by anybody. But the other basic reason is that, a few posts about them here and there, they’ve never really caught on the way some others do.

So with lots of eyes looking at ye olde Homicidols.com over the next few days, let’s check in on the queens of “emotional idorock.”

What luck! This charming video appeared on YouTube about a week ago:

That’s actually from a pretty old performance; here’s part of their set from JAM this year:

So you agree that Manatsu is a force of nature, right? Great.

And another great example is this manages-to-do-almost-everything number from back in September:

Previously discussed here!

And if Manatsu is a force of nature, Rioton is a cool drizzle. But she tries, and everybody knows it.

And for their upcoming year-end three-show one-man hyphenated madness doodad next week, there’s this promo:

Anyway, Babyraids goes back all the way to 2012, and they pump out singles and do a lot of normal idol stuff like appear on TV and act and model and whatnot, so they’re one of the more absolutely popular groups we’re ever likely to have a look at (no, I’m still not going to try to tackle the beast that is Momoiro Clover Z, sorry). Go follow them on Twitter and stuff!

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