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There was a nice little flurry of response yesterday in the immediate aftermath of the announcement made during the DESURABBITS live-streamed 7th anniversary gig:

Full disclosure: Team spent almost half an hour discussing alternative ways to pun the “DESU” with regular ol’ “desu” and I’m not convinced that I chose the right title for this post

There’s a lot to unpack in all of that, but let’s pause for a hot minute to appreciate the deathbunnies and the completely stupid length of time they’re been together, considering that they started as middle schoolers. Seven years is practically forever in idol! And they have some time left still! And that they’ve done it all without any lineup changes (though: having never seen Bucho’s face, can it truly be said that we know for sure) is maybe even more impressive. Lots of groups with serious longevity often have some membership ins and outs in the early days, before things settle fully into Legend Mode. PassCode, like. Negicco’s been together for 17 years, but even they had some turnover; Perfume for 20, and the same. I’m sure there’s some unit out there that made it a decade without having anybody leave or add on — if I were a betting man, they’re chika as hell and mostly do cover songs — but having no way to counter our friend’s assertion up there, let’s allow it: DESURABBITS and their perpetuity require recognition.

And the scene’s going to miss them! I know that Western wota didn’t always warm up to the group — can confirm, I was one of them — whether for any of a combination of “they’re just ripping off Babymetal”, “they probably shouldn’t use that album art, those girls are like 13”, “why a nazi stormtrooper thing though?” and on and on, but at the end of the day has loudol had a more wholesome junior unit? Some early questionable judgment aside, what we got out of DESURABBITS was always straight-out fun at worst and more than capable of impressing at best. We very literally watched these girls grow into women, saw their talents go from “yes, that exists” to “oh snap she can sing!”. And their fans were some of the most dedicated you were going to get out of a scene that basically exists to extra the dedicated from their money.

Bucho was apparently feeling the same:

Here’s Emi’s note:

Chika idol weighs in!

It’s coincidence that it’s a Julie tweet, she was at the top when I searched “desurabbitsu”

We’re going to miss this beautiful oddball of a project. At least we get a little bit more time before the final goodbye.

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  1. This one hurts. I was onboard with the rabbits from day 1, and defended them against all naysayers. No idol group lasts forever, but it’s a shame they decided to call it quits now, when their most recent singles have been their most successful. I hope we get a 3rd album at least before they hop away down that great bunny trail in the sky.

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