Demon Clowns Are Sad Clowns Now: Two Graduations from Bokura no Oyugi

I’ve always had really high hopes for the 666-worshipping clowns in Bokura no Oyugi, given that the only track they’ve ever made public is exactly what you’d expect from a group that’s been all about being the idol version of Twisted Metal. But, sadness now, as the two people I’ve always taken to be the driving force behind the group, Ruru Summertree and Mickey Eight Doors (yes), are both graduating:

That’ll leave Bokurano at four members, three of whom they added over the summer. And thank goodness that they’re also touting their updated website and photos, because it means that maybe they’ll still be able to stick around long enough to release more brain-blending music (you can read Mickey’s blog post about all of this). And there’s something else interesting here, too.

That announcement includes references on the schedule to another project involving Ruru and Mickey — AMiE, who are kind of interesting in a benign way and whose continuance I’d wondered about, given that the clowns are like a different thing for those members to do. And, of course, Ruu-chan’s always doing her DJ Candy-chan thing (her podcast thingy gets really interesting with what she’ll spin as background music while chattering away about who knows what).

Because of things like that, and because nobody’s ever told me no, I think this is another of those we’re-completely-independent things, with Mickey and Ruru being drivers of interesting projects. Who knows what’s next?

Update: Apparently, what’s next is that AMiE itself is also breaking up:

I hope Ruu and Mickey are still friends!