DEEP GIRL Is Falling Apart; Now Non Says Her Farewell

First Mashiro (and her quick turnaround), now everybody’s favorite pit-firing-up Showroom-experimenting multi-talented idol, Non:

Her quick little post here says little else, just “I’m leaving now, goodbye.” This statement that she added to Twitter is no doubt more explanatory:

Those image messages are helpful for getting out long stuff in one go, but I can’t machine translate that!

Her profile photo and description are different now, too — indications of her next steps?

DEEP GIRL had just announced a live for March 1, and that’s apparently still happening, but they need to get their stuff in order with a quickness if the group’s able to keep moving; they’re not doing as many lives, and there hasn’t been an announced release.

So what’s up?

3 thoughts on “DEEP GIRL Is Falling Apart; Now Non Says Her Farewell

  1. Actually with the google translate app, you can take a picture of something and have it translate it quickly for you. It is a machine translation and kind of bad but it’s a lot better than it was a few years ago.

  2. A quick go with the app outputs this

    Thank you so much for all of you, members of the staff, all the people concerned, everyone who supported you until now, this time I will withdraw from DEEPGIRL. And I am sorry really for not being able to proceed the same way with everyone in this way. It was a group that started from late-night program of Fuji Television, but it was an important place I really liked and loved as a place to be me because I was really acting as an idol strongly. I have been suffering from this for a long time recently, I never thought that I wanted to do a mouth, so I decided not to withdraw, so there are various changes from the end of the year O, and I feel that there is no whereabouts here I took the form of withdrawal. Because socializing is not very good, the previous operation [translator can’t detect the bottom text]

    There are lots of feelings that leaves can not do. Six months as a deep girl who gave a lot of valuable experiences and encounters, and a year and a half as a DEEPGIRL may not have been never fun, but having been able to run along the road with everyone It was the longest period of my life. I’m really thankful to you. DEEP GIRL will continue and I will go forward as well. In the future please continue with DEEPGIRL o

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