DEEP GIRL Covers ‘Sweetness’ and I’m 22 Years Old Again

So DEEP GIRL, who have been significantly more active lately than they had been in months, took part in a cruise performance event thing as part of the entertainment (Mugen Regina was there, too), and they’ve been issuing retweet challenges over the last couple of days — every time they hit another numerical milestone, they post another live clip.

For instance, when they hit 150 (IIRC), they did “Misery Business” (a staple); when they hit 180, they did “DEEP GIRL.” But when they hit 200 last night, they gave us:

Jimmy Eat World! I despise Jimmy Eat World.* 🙂 Man, that was a terrible time for rock music. Looking back, I don’t dislike a lot of if as much as I did at the time (Hoobastank can still go straight to hell), but the highly optimistic creativity of the 90s had given way to an ourobouros of music industry meddling (that was really only saved, and only kind of, by hip-hop, but that’s a #hottake for another day). But hey, look, DEEP GIRL’s doing that cover, and they sound good doing it.

Yeah, so they do a lot of covers. That’ll happen, I guess. And they’re apparently working on recording some material, too. Maybe we’ll get to see that alleged “Misery Business” video that they showed at their anniversary performance. Basically, DEEP GIRL, I’m glad that you’re busy and hope that you get a chance to make an original release again sometime soon, because you have 1.5 really good singles under your belt and should do more.

Also … cover band, working a boozy cruise, hits from 15 years ago? OMG I’M ON VACATION WITH MY PARENTS AGAIN!

*To be completely honest, if they’d been around with almost the exact same music five or so years earlier, I would’ve loved it; there was just something really bland and passe about post-punk / proto-emo stuff at that time, and even bands I really liked were annoying me. Also, I was a dick when I was 22.

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