Deathrabbits Is Dead. All Hail Desu.Rabbits!

The wait is over. Tonight, at LIQUID, Deathrabbits was in fact ended. On stage. To death.

Say hello to Desu.Rabbits!

No, I don’t know, either

I guess gross financial mismanagement pays off in the end, eh, Bucho?

Anyway, there are outcomes. And they’re actually pretty ambitious!

What’s old that stays: All of the members, including the incompetent stormtrooper manager. What’s new that’s new: A twist on the name with a little update new website that includes a schedule that includes dates going for more than a year out, including their first national tour and a one-man live!

So all that drama was ultimately for nothing. We’ve been played! BY BUCHO!

You can watch the last Deathrabbits live:

3 thoughts on “Deathrabbits Is Dead. All Hail Desu.Rabbits!

  1. Sigh of relief on this one! I was genuinely worried that it might be the end. Now the goal for 2017 is to see one of their shows live !

  2. I was wondering how Bucho might pull this one off, but it’s a beautiful stunt.
    Time to speculate on whether Bucho will create yet another fictional rift in the future.

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