DEATH PARADE Ends, Fails to Deliver on Promise

Gee whiz, you guys, with a name like DEATH PARADE, you’d think that GANG PARADE’s epic 200km team relay marathon doodad would’ve delivered a little more in the DEATH department than just in the PARADE.

Instead, I am pleased (/kicks can) to report that not only was the race successfully completed, and not only did nobody actually die, but it looks like it all went down without much in the way of incident at all!

The reward, a bouquet of onions; does Negicco know about this

I make light because it all ended safely. You may have been privy to the buzzing undercurrent of deep concern for certain members of the group, that nobody “pull a Wacky” or some variation thereof, referring to the member of the BiS Quintet whose marathon-induced injury began the chain of events that led to BiS shutting down for good* about 16 months later. It was really sad, for her and for fans. It did get us to where we are today, though, so thanks for taking one for the team, Wacky’s Leg!

Oh, and I’m really glad that nobody in GANG PARADE got hurt or up and quit or whatever. Now we just have to hope that nobody shreds their knee while kicking Watanabe in the nads.

*”Good” being Japanese for “two years,” apparently

3 thoughts on “DEATH PARADE Ends, Fails to Deliver on Promise

  1. I am really glad none of the girls got hurt. If it happend to any ex-SiS member, I have no idea how Watanabe would get away without being cursed.

    I am wondering if the fact no one pulled surprise challenge for the girls because it was going too well is because Wack is calming down on the stunts or if it just means they are preparing something terrible.

      • What happens is that when the SiS movie comes out, Watanabe is going to kick the ex-SiS girls out of GP and banish them to the moon for another few months until he drags all but one of them back for the next round of chaos and this continues until the only SiS member remaining is Yui’s glasses, which joins BiSH after an unfortunate incident regarding Atsuko’s specs accidentally being stepped on during yet another marathon.

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