Death Comes Even for Hauptharmonie, and I Hate Everything

Here, take a quick listen to the jazz & blues idol project’s album trailer, seeing as how it’s the last record that they’re going to do:

I can’t even make jokes about the Tokyo grim reaper, I’m so sad

Because idol is the worst goddamn thing in the world sometimes, Hauptharmonie is being disbanded.

More specifically, first Riko is fired, and then they’re disbanding. Statement here, and translated below. It’s a big and sudden enough blow that I woke up to pings from Brian and the anonymous translator, and the translated message is … well, it is:

“To all that have supported us”

Thank you for supporting and collaborating with Hauptharmonie during all these years.

I have some disappointing news to deliver, but if you could read it, I would be very grateful.

Selfish Thought process not compliant with the contract terms.

When it comes to a point where a member has to be forced to seek medical attention, I can’t let it slide like i previously would’ve.

With that in mind, Riko Chigasaki will be dismissed from their contract immediately. We will be dealing this with adherence to all applicable laws.

Also, not only this incident, but the past 3 years have been full of sad events. Reflecting on my producing skills, the members who adhered to the rules bring up just sad memories throughout the 3 years.. Would be saying a bit too much. However, we do not have any willpower left to carry on. Therefore we have chosen to disband the group.

After the April release and the tour following it, we will be announcing our formal final concert. We hope we can spend our remaining months with smiles, as if an evil spirit was exhumed from us.

We truly apologize to those of you who have been with us for this journey for not being able to meet your expectations. Our time together is numbered, but I would be very grateful if you would continue supporting Hikari Aizawa, Juno Terada, Nanami Kuraki, Sui Hothana and Rin Shirogane until the very end.

We thank you for the massive amounts of support and assistance we received from the bottom of our hearts.

Hauptharmonie producer

We uploaded the last album’s trailer. I think we made an unique piece of work with a lot of wind instruments. If it sells absurd amounts, I might reconsider the break-up decision (laugh)

Update: Here’s Riko’s statements, from Twitter, c/o our translator friend:

I’m sorry but I have to speak out. In regards to the management, I don’t want to speak ill of them, but my mental state has reached a point where it’s affecting my whole health.

I was told that even if i was having a bad burst, the people who’d disappear might get troubled. Now, my thoughts on the group. They’ll deny any wrongdoings, and I admit I have made mistakes. However, our mistakes create a convenient situation for the ones who averted their eyes. To say it precisely, an emotional deception.

The management is demanding a huge amount of money as a penalty, that wasn’t in the contract I signed. They’re making me take responsibility to an exceeding degree. Adults are unbearingly scary, this is really causing me mayhem.

In conflict with the statement of a contract breach, the other side jeered and did acts that could be considered abuse of power, but I can’t really give any other proof other than my statements.

While the other side blames a contract break, they jeered and performed acts that could be considered abuse of power numerous times. I can only give my word about it and this lack of concrete evidence creates a unbearable situation.

I was made to work in conditions that weren’t compliant with the Labour Standards Act, I bit my lip, but I couldn’t believe the amount of cruelty I faced. I’m sorry for not being able to put it into better words.

To those who supported me, this ended up being a betrayal. For that I am sorry. Even if I faced constant misfortune, I can say that this has been the most important lesson in my life. I might overthinked a bit, so this has become a bit scattered.

In the end even if it ended up like this, I always did my best for all of you, even if I was feeling down.

Thank you everyone and I’m sorry. I truly am sorry.

Tweet 1: Management who said mixed the truth about the real state of things at the sales table and so on. For the sake of promoting themselves, making us work and using us up and when we weren’t usable, tossing us aside. And even if there were punishments or restrictions, they would make us requests to work. I don’t want to be with them anymore nor return to the industry. I don’t have a strong soul like that.

Tweet 2: Even if I said it this harshly, regarding my dismissal, I will say this. I wasn’t in the best state of mind and I’d constantly break down, causing a lot of trouble for the other members and people around us. It is true that there are problems in me, so feel free to criticize me. I’m sorry, it’s all my wrongdoing.

Tweet 3: I really want to make amends with the remaining members. There might not be any effect in my words, but I hope you keep supporting the rest of the members.

I don’t know how I feel about a Hauptharmonie without Riko in it, but I do how how I feel about a world without a Hauptharmonie in it, and I don’t like it. Whatever she did or was doing, that’s strong language to employ, that her removal is like an exorcism. I won’t speculate, though; we know how this business can be.

I do think that the group would be viable with that new core of members, and while I hope that there’s some truth to the joke at the end of the statement, I’m also preparing to lose this tremendously creative, compelling project.

Somebody send photos of otters holding hands or something.

26 thoughts on “Death Comes Even for Hauptharmonie, and I Hate Everything

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  2. That definitely fucking sucks as i just happened to introduce this great band to a friend of mine living in that faraway land…

  3. That’s really disappointing. They’ve been in my “You should check out this group” list since forever, but I never gave them the attention they deserve. How wrong I was!

    I am really curious as to why Riko has been forced to seek medical attention, though. Is it a case of out work or over performing? Bullying within the group? The formulation is strange; I can’t figure out if it’s benevolent to break her contract or not. If anyone has more detail (anecdotical or from Riko’s twitter?), I would be all ears.

  4. This seems more drama-ugly than the typical vague “for medical reasons” announcement. I’m honestly surprised there isn’t more public airing of dirty laundry, considering it’s 20-somethings getting fired. Then again: contracts. Japanese contracts.
    I only really took notice of this group when Mone-Sui joined, and their album preview sounds pretty good. Ugh, I’m so afraid to like anything anymore.

      • BiSH vs GANG PARADE !?
        Isn’t that akin to the San Antonio Spurs playing Slippery Rock State Teachers College? They may belong to the same management company, but they are not in the same league.

        • Let’s not forget FOUL is excellent and Promise the Star is less so. The state of the idol game is ever-changing, as this thread definitely illustrates.
          It’s just a 2-man live, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they took the “vs” to heart and did some dumb competition 😛
          -lol, “boan”

          • Isn’t the “vs” thing in these 2 man lives usually about who can get the most people to show up for them? If that’s the case it’s no competition. One of Lings Lings twin tails would draw twice as many people as GANG STAR. It’s not a comment on the merits of either band, just an observation on the difference in the popularity of the two groups.
            Wantanabe better pay both of them either way, I don’t want to have to fly to Japan just to sucker punch him.

  5. … So if I get this correctly/between the lines, they’re firobg her because of depression, possibly due to being overworked?

    And the other girls may not have supported her (in fear of retribution? She really seems to want to be friends with them).

    That’s a rough heartbreaker.

      • Remember the time when we thought the Zenkimi scandal was terrible and the worst thing in alt idol next to Watanabe’s stupid love for marathons? I kind of wish we could go back to that time of innocence.

        • It’s a shame that, at least to do it right, the real-deal startup costs for an idol company are probably more than we all can put together. I’d love to see the result of Westernized idol.

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