DEADLIFT LOLITA’s Latest Is So Campy, It Hurts

“Oh look!” said I. “It’s another DEADLIFT LOLITA video! I wonder what this one’s like!”

/hits play


It’s so campy, it’s like a campy parody of camp. I can’t even manage other comments. Well, one? Like, is this what the Village was like ca. 1978? Okay, one more: Like, has Ladybeard officially become the camp king of idol? That’s not easy — idol’s already campy as hell — but this is like zenith-level campy.

4 thoughts on “DEADLIFT LOLITA’s Latest Is So Campy, It Hurts

  1. Hey, there’s Nonoko from Tokyo Joshi Pro and like half the DDT roster.
    Were those the girls from Cheer1 that showed up toward the end?

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