Deadlift Lolita Is Definitely Happening: See ‘SIX PACK TWINS’

Mass media really is something else.

Like, before Internet, before TV, before radio, before telegraph, maybe even before the printing press, the weirdest shit could happen anywhere in the world at any time, and almost nobody would ever know about it. Then the geeks took over and now people of like interests can finally get together and share what they’re into. This inevitably leads to subculture mash-ups, and the neat thing about those is that culture is naturally very sticky — you can just keep glomming stuff onto it, and that’s fine, you just made bigger culture.

Hence, Deadlift Lolita:

I think I was right about it, insofar as I actually really said anything.

I’ll give the Beard this: Dude knows how to have a good time with it. That looks fun! Though I wonder how far that gimmick can be extended; you can theme a lot of stuff around working out/fighting/etc., sure, but … is it going to be kind of an ongoing project, or are we into Okilly Dokilly territory here?

9 thoughts on “Deadlift Lolita Is Definitely Happening: See ‘SIX PACK TWINS’

  1. I think at least Ladybeard goes in 200% in everything he do. So I do think this is more than a gimmick to him. At least it’s something different to what Ladybaby was both in image and musically. This time also it’s more Ladybeard than what Ladybaby was. Now it’s fully gym, muscle, sweat, wrestling and dressing in cute clothes with idol and metal music. This is who he is. He already did music as Ladybeard before Ladybaby and would probably still be doing it even if Ladybaby never happened.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of impact this will have. Well he has fans in many different entertainment areas. The ones he got from Ladybaby and then also the wrestling fans. Already back in time at his live shows he had a very diverse audience. Those into wrestling, women, metalheads and gay men. Then not to forget his partner Reika Saiki is well known as well. As a wrestler, fitness model, popular guest in tv shows and she is also a popular gravure model. He kinda has the perfect idol partner this time fitting his image and personality.

    I like parts of the song. But there is like something missing and I don’t mean Rei and Rie. That something special that makes it more than just a good song. Somehow it feels like they tried too much make it have as much of a impact as possible and therefore it doesn’t fully knock one out.

    Is it only me or does this first DEADLIFT LOLITA song in parts remind of Megitsune? ..or actually very similar in parts. Especially the drum parts.
    Perhaps it’s because Isao wrote the song and he played in the Kami band.

    By the way the video has english subs also, for those who aren’t that familiar with Japanese.

  2. Oh wow look, the old perv found another young female to exploit.
    Is this what is promoted in 2017?
    BTW, the whole beard thing is played. It’s not 2013 anymore. Get with the times.

    • To be fair it looks like shes more ripped then he is, I wouldn’t be surprised if she could punch his beard off.

    • Reika Saiki is actually 24 years old. She is a strong woman who can perfectly well take care of herself. You judge her too easily. If you would know who she is then you would know she is kinda like Ladybeard and has the same career and interest.

  3. Yuki and Beard-chan; Rei and Rei, that Chinese thing that was pretty good but I forget all the details about.

    Has Ladybeard finally found his performance soul-mate/equal? Time will tell.

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