DEADLIFT LOLITA Is Coming to the States

I’m the opposite of surprised to see it, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t kind of a big deal:

I mean, yeah, playing directly to non-Japanese artists has always been a thing around Ladybeard, and he has a big enough personality in the whole scene to be an attraction unto himself — so this feels more like “use the Beard to promote the band” than “everybody wants to see DEADLIFT LOLITA!” — so it kind of is what it is. Remember, Ladybaby toured the United States and Europe when they weren’t much older than DLL is now.

All of these things, even having loudols at an otherwise normal anime event, is a step forward; it’s gotta get more normal before it can actually start to be normal, and having anime fans (many more of them than there are of idols!) getting more into this stuff is part of a way forward.

4 thoughts on “DEADLIFT LOLITA Is Coming to the States

  1. I would venture a guess that maybe LADYBEARD has many more US fans (and/or visibility) than Reika Saiki at the moment.

    OF COURSE they are using the Beard to Promote DeadLoli. He’s one half of the duo.

    Next years corenament champions, I tell you what. Welcome to Planet Beard.

    Stranger things have happened.

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