Day of the Living Dead I Dolls Demo

I guess I could only take the Romero reference so far with this one, huh?

Nonetheless! Living Dead I Dolls are still a little bit away from their debut, but they have a look and they have music, and cross your fingers and throw salt over your shoulder and spit into the wind and/or whatever it is your do to ward off the evil dead, because:

Thank the gods.

I was just the tiniest bit nervous there, to be honest. Not that their teaser was bad; I just didn’t want to wake up to a group that wasn’t delivering on what it was implying with things like its name and sound and image. So good! Thanks for that, LDID.

And as for that look:

HATEGLEAM got like an extra week or so of existence — their last live is now this weekend — so maybe some of that creative energy can be directed toward this nifty new unit.