Day 2 of the Corenament Will Be ≥ the First

Welcome back, Corenament mavens! Day 1 is in the books; go look at those results to see who all is advancing, because I don’t want to put a big ol’ list into this post. But some neat results and bracket weirdness unfolding!

Not when there are 16 fresh matchups to decide! Just like yesterday and just like during the conference tournaments, your basic criteria for a winner is who you like better, OR, if you can’t decide, who you would least like to face in a fight, with the goal being to decide What Is Best Idol?

Harajuku and Nagoya were yesterday; today, it’s the turn of Shinjuku and #1 overall seed Guso Drop, and Osaka. Exciting!

Voting will close at midnight ET. Ready?

Shinjuku Region








Osaka Region








May the best idol or whatever win!

19 thoughts on “Day 2 of the Corenament Will Be ≥ the First

  1. I’d least like to face Codomomental in a fight because they seem like ruthless businesspeople, but that does NOT equate to a vote for them as “best of idol!”

  2. Who wins in a fight, Yuna or Uika? I don’ t know, but I’d pay to find out! Also, how do you fight a toilet ghost with nary a Ghostbuster in sight? Anyone brave enough to try and fight Ano has my respect, but probably not my vote! And how his Kamen Joshi not obliterating Predianna? Erina alone would destroy them! I’ll admit I know next to nothing about Extreme Idol Terror, but it looks like it is sending ReiRie bye-bye! Corenament is Savage!

  3. Damn, looks like Guso Drop is gonna steamroll this tourney, unlike the BABYMETAL groupies who showed up for one round and then disappeared the Guso groupies look organized and committed. Too bad for Boss Rei they were a little late to the party.

    So let me get this straight with the Hauptharmonie situation, not only can the management not pay Idols, but they can fine them. So the Idol has to take a 2nd job to pay the fines which would cause more missed idol time and more fines. Where is Joseph Heller when you need him?

  4. Clear the vote and start over, it’s the fairest way to deal with it. Punishing whoever is benefiting from the cheating could just cause the cheaters to switch tactics and cheat for who they want to lose. You can always keep the vote open longer to make up for it.


      • IDK what kind of control you have over the polling, but yeah if you can target kill votes or if you have a pretty good idea of how many cheat votes someone has benefited from and can take that number away from them then go for it. If you were to do that latter it would be best to keep a running tally then pull those votes at 11:59 EST.


  5. Just make a note of which groups the cheating was on the first time and if it switches groups once youve cleared it it’s clear the aim is to disqualify the opposition, if you can pin point the fake votes and just discredit them entirely would be the best solution, but is it do able?

    • Okay, so I can’t wipe out individual results without upgrading the account again, so I’m thinking:

      1. I know what the approximate results were right around 2:00 p.m.
      a) I can wipe it out and start fresh and then back-add, OR
      b) I can just ride it out, see what happens and then cut out the jazz that happened in the last little while

        • Well, as of 80 minutes to go, the weird activity has subsided and almost everything has gone in the direction that it was going earlier, so I’ll hopefully get to have just been annoyed for a few hours. Good fans are good fans!

  6. So are the “Suspicious” votes coming from random IPs, or Just a few? Just saying prolly only so many mobile carriers in Tokyo-wotaville. Can you differentiate mobile wireless versus wired? If you check your retweets and FBshares you can see what’s up as well.

    And I thought I read at the beginning “vote for who you care about”, so one-vote wonders may be dull yet devoted, and still be within the rules.

    I think DQ is a bad way to go since spamming “for” the opposition would become a strategy real fast. Maybe weigh them somehow? IDK.

    If MOAMETAL doesn’t win, how large a bribe are you willing to accept to make that happen? Asking for a friend, of course…

    • Man, I wish I could do IP tracking; I think I found light-lift solution, though, as long as things don’t go completely off the rails.

      As for Moa, and in honor of Moa, I’d accept hamburgers.

  7. Nice misleading thumbnail for we-B there pal. I hope people know they are voting for the record label and NOT PasCode. Does we-B not have a logo?

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