Dark Idol Debut: NECRONOMIDOL Initiates Three New Members

NECRONOMIDOL debuted their new lineup last night at The Music Apocalypse, in a set sandwiched between Burst Girl and Broken By The Scream. This follows Sunday’s announcement of the addition of three new members, making the group a quintet after the recent withdrawals of Shiki Rukawa and Roa Toda.

Joining veterans Himari Tsukishiro and Nana Kamino onstage last night were:

Maria Hoshizora

  • Member Color: Nadeshiko (light pink)
  • Special Skills: Mathematics
  • Previous Groups: None

Malin Kozakura

  • Member Color: Tangerine
  • Hobbies: Eating lots of rice, Music
  • Previous Groups: PEEK-A-BOO!!! 

Meica Mochinaga

  • Member Color: Urayanagi (a shade of green)
  • Hobbies: Walking, visiting cafes 
  • Previous Groups: None

 For their debut, the new Darkness Girls launched their NECROMA careers with “Skulls in the Stars”. This is a bit like trial-by-fire as everybody knows every move to that choreography. The new members’ dance movements were a bit tentative at times, but they hit all of their vocal parts. Malin got assigned the sustained high note at the end and looked pretty stoked when she nailed it. 

The 30-minute set covered material from the breadth of the NECROMA catalog, from “Puebla Tenebarum” off of 2015s Exitium, to “warabeuta” from this year’s vämjelseriter.

The video went out on the livestream during END OF DAYS, so the affair turned into a radio show. NECROMA has always had a strong emphasis on vocals, so it was almost appropriate that they became the focus of the broadcast. In that respect, the new lineup does not disappoint. The group harmonizes surprisingly well for only being together for a short period of time.

The early signs point to NECRONOMIDOL persevering yet another major shake up, buoyed by the strength of a substantial catalog and near-legendary center Himari Tsukishiro. The unit’s survival should come as no surprise. To quote the Necronomicon:  

“That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.”


2 thoughts on “Dark Idol Debut: NECRONOMIDOL Initiates Three New Members

  1. I hope this iteration of Necronomidol lasts longer than the last one. I’m hoping I enjoy their music more this time around too.

    • To be honest there’s a problem with Necronomidol and at this point I think one could make a reasonably good guess as to what (and who) that problem is.

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