Dang, NECRONOMIDOL’s up to Some Stuff

Apologies for the so-late-it’s-just-awkwardness of the post, but I forgot that I wanted to make a big deal out of this on Friday because such is life. And what is life, even, now that we have the literally eternal — that is, existing infinitely, beyond the bounds of time and space — presence of NECRONOMIDOL looming within the shadows of existence? Worthless, that’s what it is, but the question is also rhetorical flourish and all right let’s just skip to the point.

NECRONOMIDOL, beloved and befeared like few others, revealed at the risk of inducing utter madness among their followers (or, at least, those who aren’t already under complete spiritual enslavement) some upcoming plans, and yes, I do believe that we’re all going to be happy people:

Let’s unpack this in terms of the Vince McMahon meme:

  1. One-man on April 30! I am interested!
  2. New European tour over July and August! I am sitting forward in my chair!
  3. Omg! Necroma songs being used on a Netflix show! I am leering inappropriately but it’s more because I can’t appropriately think of how to describe this emotional wave and the limits of this meme are more confining that I thought! But this is big!
  4. Ah! New member auditions! My eyes are on fire and we’re super-saturating the reds now for effect!

That’s just the best. I don’t think anybody took seriously the possibility that Kunogi’s departure last year revealed any kind of weakness in the long-term health of one of chikadom’s longest-running projects, and still arguably its most unique, but it’s nice to see that not only are things still going well, but the future continues to be planned for. Like, if my very existence isn’t under constant threat of annihilation for the purposes of Okaki’s cruel amusement, I don’t know if I even want to bother keeping things going.