Dance Those Tears Away: Q’ulle Crushes New Single

Now I wish I’d made that little bet publicly: Q’ulle teased either the A or B side of this a little while back, but now we have real-deal video for “Alive,” and everything happening here is fun:

It’s from the more electropop side of their work, which is fine. It’s also a great example of the things that I like to tell people about when they make that face and say “J-pop?” like I just said that I like to listen to Nazi marching songs: “Alive” might be the closest Q’ulle has ever gotten to aping the styles more typical to Korea and Europe (and, probably still, the United States), but it still sounds distinctly Japanese, especially the chorus.

“Alive” is a fun song. It’ll take some of the sting away from this morning’s other unpleasantness.

3 thoughts on “Dance Those Tears Away: Q’ulle Crushes New Single

  1. Oh hey! This is the song that they put out a dance instruction video for a while ago!

    Good song, very much on their more electro-side, but reminds me of “Mic Check, One, Two”, which is not a bad thing at all (^^) One of the exciting(?) things about seeing a new Q’ulle video is what they will be wearing. These girls have some damn good fashion sense IMO. I wonder if the stuff they are wearing in this vid is also available in their clothing line?

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