Damn, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s New Video Is Bright as Hell

Wow, Zenkimi, way to almost slip one by me; the last time you pushed out something significant at this time of day, it was … well.

But look you guys! It’s the MV for “Selfish Newborn Hominina”:

Some of my favorite idol is when Zenkimi’s firing out there with angst and pain and destroying, but also favorite idol of mine is when they’re going full-on denpa without an ounce of -core in sight. Now, granted, one could make the argument that this doesn’t have nearly the BPMs necessary to be full-on denpa, but those rampaging synths? The visual feast that is this comic strip come to life? The sheer manic … I don’t know if “happiness” is the emotion that I’m trying to describe, but “brightness,” maybe?

Anyway, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, good work as always (this is a great release), and I have now completely lost track of your release schedule.

4 thoughts on “Damn, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s New Video Is Bright as Hell

  1. Anyone else find that background image kinda funny with the way it’s just dripping with cultural-political imagery.
    It looks like a 3-D Phillip (the French-Canadian member of the South Park fart based comedy duo Terrence and Phillip) dressed as Uncle Sam in the “wants you” pose with a reverse version of the Israeli flag (white Star of David on a blue background vs blue Star of David on a White background) on his hat and a
    multi-colored rising sun in a V (for victory shape) behind him.
    I doubt Codomomental’s thinking is much beyond it looks cool, but still the potential varied meanings for others to create out of all of that is impressive.

      • I think I’ll follow your lead, but add magic mushrooms to my sandwich and see if that helps unlock the mystery.

    • If I’m not mistaken they also flashed a white anarchy symbol on a pink background… gonna be needing to screenshot that and make it a computer background and/or SNS profile picture. ^_^

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