Damn, You Guys, Necroma Had a Week

All right, partly because I feel badly about having missed out on the first of these bits of NECRONOMIDOL news in the first place and also because I wanted to gather a bunch of stuff together, I’m doing this thing a little bit weirdly.

First up! If you haven’t yet seen Necroma’s feature piece from the Bandcamp home page, you really should check it out:

The scene is infused with the playfulness of dance, twinkling piano, and elaborate costumes.

via NECRONOMIDOL and New Directions in Japanese Metal — Bandcamp Daily

Ricky Wilson is the master of all media.

Second! Did you hear about a certain Necroma member’s new solo project?

Yep! Rei’s got a kawaiidol (at least, it looks kawaiidol) project of her own. Definitely a surprise from when Ricky had mentioned that a member was going to do some solo work. The smart money was of course on Sari. Or:

Yep! The Queen of Darkness may not be doing a solo project, but she did do a solo stage. Completely unconnected, though, was:

Thanks, senpai.


Hanging out with Ryuketsu Blizzard should be a mandatory rite of passage.