Damn, Spark Speaker’s Next Song Rocks

I was absolutely shocked to find out just now that I’ve never done a single blessed thing with Spark Speaker (Twitter), and that I was completely disconnected from their whole thing for reasons unknown (see below), but that’s okay, we’re here now. Lee shared their latest song in the Idolmetal group yesterday, and hell yes, let’s do it.

This is being released ahead of their first one-man, coming up on May 3. I’m presuming that they’ll do the whole song there; it’d be kind of weird otherwise.

If you click through that link up top, you’ll see the comment that Lee put on his own post, that this is a SCRAMBLES joint. The company doesn’t exclusively work for WACK, after all, and while Kentacore is definitely a thing anymore, the stable as a whole can still turn out some pretty solid material. See above!

This here is why I feel like an idiot for failing to come around on this fun-ass little project earlier:

I must’ve been drunk or something. Entirely possible!

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