Damn, RABBITS Lab Is Starting 2018 Right

I was starting to feel kind of bad, you guys. I was. If you crank back the Wayback Machine to lo about June, I was having a little bit of a RABBITS Lab moment — weird little solo idol project with odd bunny theme and genuinely strange videos. Then said bunny went ahead and had her debut live, and … and I was somewhat unkind.

Since then, just about all we’ve seen from RABBITS Lab HQ has been weird video game play-through videos. I wondered if, much like THE WiLD TRUMPS, RABBITS Lab had effectively been abandoned, the Twitter account being a place for bored manager-sans to play. And then, from nowhere, this happened:

That’s good hustle!

What a neat song! I mean, what rock elements were in the RABBITS Lab toolbox in the first place are just about completely gone, making the project more of a fascination than an appropriate showpiece for ol’ website here, but damn, I get why some of you cats like anisong so much.

It’s a continuation, I think, of whatever was going on here back many moon ago:

I see. Somebody’s going to have to explain this to me. Like all of it. Somebody’s also going to have to start to step up, because RABBITS Lab just released probably the most interesting loudness-related idol MV of the year so far, and it wasn’t a loud song at all.