Damn, Q’ulle’s Pretty Good at This Stuff

I was on a call with one of my project leads yesterday. This person is from a European country, and she always has these rather unique (to an American) ways of looking at the world. As we wound up yesterday’s call, she remarked, “and spring begins tomorrow, so that should be nice.” Now, the actual first day of spring is yet a few weeks away, but I liked that thinking: Winter is December-January-February, spring is March-April-May, etc.

So, to kick off this season of renewal and life and positive energy, what better thing to have than Q’ulle’s video for their new “DON’T STOP” single:

Bless you, rock idols!

What a fun song! This is the Q’ulle that I love the most, punchy rock music with catchy-as-hell pop hooks. Of course they dance the hell out of it, too. And am I crazy for detecting a little petit pas! vibe in there, too? I’m sure it’s just a coincidental artefact of songwriting, but I thought Kokoro had been recruited to the big leagues for a minute.

What I said about the B-side the other day, now I guess I’m wagering that they’re going with one of their hard dance tracks, and that’s just fine.

Also, for you guys who kind of turn up your noses to Q’ulle, why? This isn’t crush-kill-destroy music; it’s party anthems and stuff to dance to. You know, idol Bon Jovi.

4 thoughts on “Damn, Q’ulle’s Pretty Good at This Stuff

  1. I have them so connected to vocaloid that I have to remember they are real people with real voices sometimes. Haha!

  2. Q’ulle makes my heart flutter and even though I prefer their harder stuff like mirror or mic check one two, this songs remind me of that tune that will never abandon my mind….”life is-a beautiful” as the girls say. Love it. I want it all.

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