Damn, Predianna, Where Have You Been?

Never let it be said that Homicidols.com is home only to music that would be at home in your cousin’s ’84 Impala; we also indulge in music that said cousin keeps in a guilty pleasures box in his basement apartment. For instance, I think we can all agree that legit power pop* (sometimes also known as idorock!) is a good time, and to be able to get more of it into our ears from time to time is a very good idea.

Viz Major, as always, on it

They have an EP thing, Artless coming out in February on a very busy day in idol.

I remember PREDIANNA from an earlier time, when Homicidols.com was but a twinkle in my eye and scrounging around idol YouTube could be as frustrating as it was at other times exciting. This song, for instance, is from that period, and I remember people being excited about it:

Despite the very promising title, I was unmoved!

This one’s more in the ol’ wheelhouse:

Let me say this, though: PREDIANNA, if you’re going to keep doing things like this, we’ll be very happy campers.

Happy Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Damn, Predianna, Where Have You Been?

  1. Why do you give credit to people who post it in some facebook group and not the people who upload/shoot/perform in the vid?

  2. Say what, you didn’t really like “DESTROY”?! I thought it was a fun song; nice, catchy, bouncy beat. “TRAP” is a great song though. The B-sides from the “DESTROY” single were not bad either. “Lovely Body” is an awesome skating rink/disco type of song perfect for grooving to. All in all they have some good quality music. And it’s niceto see them back. I like this new song and I’m glad Kyoka has a nice voice for lead and also Yua seems to have improved vocally. They took a huge hit when Rinon withdrew from the group so it looks like they pieced back together pretty well because for a good while there I was really thinking it was over for them.

    • DESTROY’s fine. Most idol stuff is, you know? I just have an excitement line that’s drawn somewhere around ayukuma’s latest. I always feel encouraged, though, when these not-underground projects take rock sound seriously.

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