DAIDAIDAI’s Already Got 2017 Moving for Them

Late last week, DAIDAIDAI tweeted out this cryptic message-via-image:

Seeing as how the most Japanese I can read there is “that’s DAIDAIDAI’S name, I know that,” I ran it by people who do have Japanese, and the general agreement was that “it’s a message, but who knows?”

Great! Fortunately, Osaka’s latest electronic idolcore hype group made their intentions clear not long after:

You need to visit their website for the real deal breakdown, but each the two sub-DAIDAIDAI levels / variations in the original message are for their first CD, “伐伐伐” which they’re releasing on Feb. 5 in conjunction with (bottom line) a DEMON TAPES-sponsored show, “我我我,” which is also featuring Dots and VMO.

Dots! In Osaka! Gods be good! And with VMO! Hold me.

I’m really glad that this is happening, and I hope it’s just the beginning of a big 2017 for DAIDAIDAI. Their first show of the year is with some bona fide hitters, too.